Product Spotlight – Promark SPYR Series Mallets

While the SPYR series of mallets from Promark have been out for a few years, we thought we would take some time to review what the series involves and some of the different options available within the series of mallets. Promark began a new process for making all their mallets where they do more of the processing in house and have new technology for attaching the shaft to the mallet balls/cores with epoxy and threaded molds. This new technology has increased the durability of their mallets to allow them to be used longer and have less issues with the mallet heads.

The SPYR series is a collaboration with world-renowned percussionists, designers and educators Kevin Shah and Tony Nunez. They have designed this with the educator in mind and these are also budget friendly options that can cover the multitude of mallet percussion instruments. With 20 different models tthere is a mallet for every situation you can think of in your percussion literature.  These mallets would be a great lineup for middle school directors looking to have options but on a budget. With a clear color coding system for soft to hard mallets it is very easy for even the untrained percussionist to find the right mallet for any musical setting. ProMark Vibraphone Mallet - 1 3/8" Round Core - 16-1/2 inch LengthIdeal for Articulate Sound on Vibraphone - 1 Pair : Musical Instruments


The list of options with in the SPYR series can be seen below with intended use and details.

Xylophone/Bell/Crotale Mallets

SU1R – Soft Rubber, 15 3/8″ Rattan Shaft, 1 1/4″ ball, Marimba/Xylophone
SU2R – Meidum Rubber, 15 3/4″ Rattan Shaft, 1 1/2″ ball, Marimba/Xylophone
SU3R – Hard Rubber, 14″ Rattan Shaft, 1 1/8″ ball, Xylophone
SU4R – Medium Poly, 13 3/4″ Rattan Shaft, 1 1/8″ round, Xylophone/Bells
SU5R – Medium Hytrel, 14 1/3″ Rattan Shaft, 1 1/4″ round, Xylophone/Bells
SU6R – Medium-Hard Hytrel, 13 3/4″ Rattan shaft, 1 1/8″ round, Xylphone/Bells
SU7R – Hard Lexan, 13 3/4″ Rattan shaft, 1 1/8″ round, Xylphone/Bells
SU8R – Medium -Hard Nylon, 13″ Rattan Shaft, 1″ round, Xylophone/Bells
SU9R – Hard Delrin, 14 1/2″ Rattan Shaft, 1 1/4″ round, Xylophone/Bells
SU10R – Very Hard Delrin, 13 3/4″ Rattan shaft, 1 1/8″ round, Xylphone/Bells
SU11R – Large Aluminum, 13″ Rattan Shaft, 1″ round, Bells/Crotales
SU12R – Small Aluminum, 12 3/4″ Rattan Shaft, 7/8″ round, Bells/Crotales
SU13R – Medium Brass, 12 3/4″ Rattan Shaft, 5/8″ round, Bells
SU14R – Small Brass, 12 1/2″ Rattan Shaft, 1/2″ round, Bells

Marimba Mallets

SM1 – Very Soft Yarn, Birch Shaft, Marimba
SM2 – Soft Yarn, Birch shaft, Marimba
SM3 – Medium Yarn, Birch shaft, Marimba
SM4 – Medium Hard Yarn, Birch shaft, Marimba
SM5 – Hard Yarn, Birch Shaft, Marimba
SM6 – Very Hard Yarn, Birch Shaft, Marimba

Vibraphone Mallets

SV1R – Soft Yarn, Rattan Shaft, Vibraphone
SV2R – Medium Cord, Rattan Shaft, Vibraphone
SV3R – Hard Cord, Rattan Shaft, Vibraphone
SV4R – Very-Hard Cord, Rattan Shaft, Vibraphone

If you need some suggestions about what a good option might be for you from this series of mallets send an email to or give us a call at 317-813-2070.

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