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Product Spotlight: Tama’s Dyna-Sync Bass Drum Pedals

Welcome back to the Chops Blog! This week, we’re excited to talk about Tama’s brand new Dyna-Sync bass drum pedals. These pedals were unveiled at Winter NAMM this past January, and there was a lot of buzz surrounding them. I can tell you after putting my own foot on one the buzz was deserved!

The pedal action is unbelievably smooth. You would expect that from a pedal designed like this one, but even I was surprised by how little effort was used to play it. I know a lot of drummers look at direct drive-type pedals as great for speed, but not much else. This pedal provides both smooth speed and power, so you get the best of both worlds here.

The adjustments and features included on the single and double pedals are too numerous to list in the blog, so I would suggest going here to check it out:



The price tags are a little steep ($349.99 for the single and $699.99 for the double), but this could be the last pedal purchase you ever have to make, so that makes those prices a little easier to swallow. We have both in stock, so be sure to stop by soon and see what all the hype is about!