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Chops Percussion and Meinl USA Teaming Up For PASIC 2019


If you’re a drummer/percussionist and are making plans to attend PASIC this year, make sure pay us a visit at booth 1235. We’ll have over 200 different cymbals in the booth, along with all kinds of drum set and percussion accessories.

If you have specific questions on items in the booth, our Meinl representative will be there to help you out. You are more than welcome to try out anything in the booth before buying. If you want to hear how a cymbal sounds while playing, we’ll walk you over to a drum manufacturer and you can try a cymbal out on a drum set!

Great pricing will be available on each item, and you’ll get to hear it before you buy it, so come check out all the great gear we’ll have on site.

If you haven’t yet registered for PASIC, or just would like more information on the event, please visit

We hope to see you next week!