Work On Some New Skills During Your Free Time

Hi, everyone. I hope this finds you all safe and doing well. I’m sure many of you are getting a chance to play your drums or other percussion instruments daily. I know I’ve had more time to play at home these last few weeks than I’ve had in years, so I’ve tried to take advantage of it, because I may never get it again! If you are playing more regularly, try adding something new to your arsenal. The above picture is my practice kit at home. Look at the hardware and you’ll notice a Pearl Eliminator double bass drum pedal. I’ve never been a double pedal guy, and truth be told, I’ve never really had the patience to work on it. I figured now may be the right time for this old dog to learn some new tricks. I’m a little more patient with myself these days, and just trying to enjoy the process of learning something new. I hope you are doing the same. Maybe your fills need freshening up, or you finally want to learn the drum break in “Tom Sawyer”; now is the perfect time to do exactly that! Be patient with yourself, slow things down, slow them down some more, and do your best to enjoy learning some new stuff. It may not feel like it right away, but you ARE getting better, and that’s what practice is all about. HAVE FUN!

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