“Sounds Like A Drum” YouTube Channel Is A Drummer’s New Best Friend

Do you have trouble tuning your rack toms? Does your snare sound bother you to no end? Would you like to know how to get more low end out of your kick drum? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of those questions, you need to be checking out “Sounds Like A Drum” on YouTube. You can find that channel here.

I find myself watching a video from them daily. I’ve played and messed with drums my entire adult life and then some, but I don’t pretend to know everything. When I’m struggling with snare tuning or I’m looking to make my floor tom growl a little more, the “Sounds Like A Drum” channel is the first place I go.

Here’s how Cody and Ben describe the mission of SLAD: “An ongoing video series for drummers, audio engineers, and anyone who is responsible for achieving great drum sounds at the source. Sounds Like a Drum offers in-depth tutorials on tuning in ways most have never learned, tips and tricks for a memorable sound, and hacks that you might never have thought of.”

This channel really is a great resource, and I would suggest subscribing and watching daily. You never know what trick you’ll pick up next!

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