Todd Sucherman Drum Set Clinic – May 26th at Chops

We’re really excited to have Todd Sucherman back to do a clinic at Chops Percussion on Thursday, May 26th at 6:30pm. The last time he was here was December of 2011. If you were’t here then, be sure not to miss him this time around. Todd’s clinic was one of my favorite clinics that we’ve hosted here at Chops. Not only is he a master of technique with monster chops, but he’s extremely musical in his approach to the drums. The feel that he had on every thing I heard him play that night was spot on and I can’t wait to hear him again!

The picture below shows the kit that he used in 2011 in the store. Be sure to ask Jeff Huffman about the snare drum in this picture.


Contrast that with the video below of the kit he’s currently using on the Styx tour.  Todd personally gives you a tour in the video below.

This is another thing that I appreciated about Todd. He’s a huge (and I mean this in the most honorable sense of the term) drum nerd when it comes to gear. His kit has a lot going on, but because of his musical approach, none of it is wasted or for show. There’s intentionality with everything that he’s selected to make up his “instrument.”

Check out his YouTube channel or his Facebook page and watch the most recent videos he’s made of some recording that he’s been doing.  This is just a taste of what you’ll see live.

Do yourself a favor and show up to the clinic on May 26th.  It’s free and you’ll learn a ton from this incredible musician.

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