Indiana Percussion Association Clinic Day 2016


The 2016 IPA Clinic Day will feature artists with various percussive specialities. All students, directors, and educators will be able to choose between clinics and masterclasses throughout the day. They have also opened up one of the only wind clinics and cymbal clinics thanks to the X Academy and Seavine. The 2016 clinic day will truly have something for everyone! Any further questions can be directed to:

Please note that the cymbal and winds clinics are more expensive than the percussion clinics. There are more items given in these clinics and will be geared more in a teaching masterclass setting. Please plan to bring and instrument for these.


BYOS will be back again this year with a hands on masterclass in how to perform many of their stick tricks. They will be debuting their ABC’s of stick tricks that explores a new musical language in which each student is challenged to learn in order to communicate new ideas with one another. BYOS will also be giving a group clinic at the end of the day with Amir on drumset and quads.

Orlando Cotto will be giving two separate clinics. Orlando will be giving a latin percussion clinic where he demonstrates how he uses various percussion instruments within the Latin American music style. He will also give a marimba clinic where he discusses how to use Latin American music on a vary traditional, Western instrument.

Amir Oosman will be giving two separate clinics. Amir will be giving a drumset clinic on how to explore percussive music using a loop machine and groove implementation in to your own practices. He will also be giving a clinic on quad technique and general performance tips. He will also perform with BYOS at the end of the clinic day.

Jimmy Finnie of Indiana State University will be giving a hands on improvisation clinic on pitched percussion instruments.

Ming-Hui Kuo of DePauw University will be giving a hands on clinic for marimba sight reading and performance techniques.

Ball State University Percussion Ensemble will be performing chamber percussion music with the following pieces: Ku Ka llimoku, Six Marimba’s, and Tak Nara.

Goshen High School will be presenting materials displaying their daily warm up routine, etc. within the Goshen program.

Two sessions on mallet wrapping will be provided by Nick Olson of Nolson Custom Mallets. Both sessions will cover the basics of how to wrap your own mallets for general upkeep of a personal collection or of the director’s school mallet collection.

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IPA Clinic Day 2016 Flyer

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IPA Clinic Day 2016 Flyer

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