July 2018 News at Chops

Demo Gear Updates

The demo list has some fresh updates for the month of July. Follow the link below to see what’s been added and removed since June.

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Student Equipment Lists

We send this request out each year and heard back from many of you. We’re asking again this year just in case you’ve made changes to your list of required items for 2018.

For parents with kids in band for the first time, back to school can be quite confusing (especially with a young percussionist at home). Do you, the teacher, have a required list of sticks and mallets for your percussionists to get? We would love to have an updated copy of that here at Chops. A list of all of your required implements would be a huge help to us and would ensure that your student gets exactly what they need before their first day of band class.

This also helps us with keeping your required implements in stock, so that no child is waiting on sticks or mallets when school starts. I know it’s hard to believe, but the first day of school isn’t that far away. Let’s work together and make sure your student is 100% prepared before they walk into your band room.

Please e-mail your list to chops@chopspercussion.com and we’ll do our very best to make sure we have what your student needs in stock. Thanks for the help and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Product Spotlight: Yamaha YVRD2700GC

Are you in the market for a new vibraphone? Would you like it for marching band season? Would you like it ASAP? If the answer is “yes” to those questions, we’ve got you covered with a great deal on a Yamaha YVRD2700GC that was used at the MFA Concert Band Festival. You can learn more about the instrument on the product page. The price is over on the demo list.

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