Winter Weather and Indoor Drumline: Be Prepared for Anything

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With the weather we experienced across Indiana last weekend, we though it would be a great idea to share some tips we have found useful over the years that will help you be prepared for anything on the day of the show. What are some useful tips you can share with others?

  • Be sure to check the weather report the day before the event
  • Think about what the students will wear when uploading your trailer and moving equipment inside.
  • Have students bring a change of shoes and socks to keep their feet dry and free from slipping on the tarp.
  • Have covers and tarps ready in case of unexpected rain or snow.
  • Plan on spending a little extra time tuning indoors if your equipment sat on a trailer for a long drive or the night before.
  • Have some hand warmers on hand to help get students hands warm before going into warmup.
  • Be sure to check all electronics and cables for excessive moisture once inside. And have some extra on hand just in case.
  • Have extra towels and cloths to dry equipment after moving inside for warmup. This will not only help protect the equipment but your mallets and sticks as well.
  • Try not to adjust your routine to much, but be ready to move a little quicker than normal. Have student leaders, staff and parents find the quickest and safest route inside.

Be sure to stay safe and calm when fast with adverse conditions and remember that everyone is doing there best to manage a situation out of their control. We look forward to warmer days ahead and seeing you all performing soon!

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