FAQ – “How do I tune my drums?”

“So….. how do we tune the drums once we get them set up?” That is one of the FAQ’s we get when someone buys a drum set for the first time. There are many different ways to tune your drums; just look at all of the tuning articles and videos on the internet! We’re going to try and simplify this process for you with the video links and PDF below. Learning to tune drums is a huge part of playing them, so be sure to pay attention to what you see/read (thanks to Evans Drumheads and Drumeo for the great info). You also need to practice and experiment with tuning so that you can find the sound that suits YOU the best. Let us know if anything you see or read doesn’t quite make sense; we’d be glad to help you out!

 Evans Drumheads Tuning Tips

Drumeo Tuning Videos

Tuning Your Toms

Tuning Your Bass Drum

Tuning Your Snare Drum

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