Educational Resource: Vic Firth Education 101

In this week’s blog we want to highlight an excellent resource for band directors and newer percussion instructors and can help to give more in depth information for all the basic instruments in the concert setting. With videos on everything from snare drum and bass drum to triangle and tambourine, the Vic Firth Education 101 series is logically broken down to highlight what a newer student would need to know about each instrument. The 101 series focuses on maintenance, set-up, performance tips, practice tips, etc. that can help you guide your students in the right direction from the beginning of their percussion journey.

The site even features external learning tools that can be used to reinforce what can be learned in the video by the way of study guides and quizzes. Using the study guides to review important points in class that you reinforce in person can go a long way to help your students understand all the fundamentals of the game. You can take this one step further by using the online quiz to evaluate what your students learned from the video nd in class reinforcement.

You can follow this link to the Vic firth Education 101 page:

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