Product Spotlight: Fun And Creative Products from Meinl


Summer is almost here, and that means there will be plenty of opportunities for music making. Whether you’re a gigging musician playing those outdoor acoustic patio gigs or just a hobbyist who enjoys playing around the campfire at the backyard cookout, the summer is a great time to make music with friends. Here’s a list of some great Meinl instruments guaranteed to make this a great summer of making music. We currently have these in stock, so stop by and try them out!


Cajons, Djembes, Bongos

Traditional String Cajon –

Snare Cajon –

Turbo Slap-Tom Cajon (pictured) –

Bongo Cajon –

Djembe –

Bongos –


Other Creative Sounds

Bassbox –

Mini Doumbek –

Heel Tambourine –

Heel Shaker –

Various Shakers –

Cajon Add-ons –

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