Gift Ideas – Part 3

Welcome back to the Chops blogs! Today we’re going to finish our series on holiday gifts by discussing some last minute ideas.

#1 – Sticks and mallets

As we’ve already discussed, drummers and percussionists can never have too many sticks or mallets. See our previous entry here. If you are purchasing a gift for a drummer, consider purchasing them several pairs of their favorite stick. If you are purchasing a gift for a percussionist, consider replacing mallets they use regularly, or expanding their collection with a type of mallet they need.

Again, be sure to know which brand and model your drummer or percussionist prefers before making a purchase.

#2 – Metronome

A metronome is a crucial tool for the rhythmic and time development of all drummers and percussionists. We carry many metronomes, ranging from the $31 Seiko DM50 to the $159 Boss Dr. Beat. We prefer the features and price of $69 Boss DB-60.

#3 – Accessories

All drummers and percussionists also need accessories!

For the drummer, consider drum keys, dampening products (MoonGel, etc.), replacement tension rods or cymbal felts, or cleaning products. For the percussionist, consider drum keys, replacement parts, or small instruments such as triangles or tambourines. For the marching drummer, consider stick tape, or stick bags.

If you’ve waited until the last minute to purchase gifts for a drummer or percussionist, don’t worry, they’re easy to purchase gifts for. Please contact us for advice or help finding a product.

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