Keep Improving at Home

Keep improving at home with a rental from Chops Percussion!

Chops has several drum sets and keyboards available for rental that are perfect for home practice.

Pearl Decade Maple Drum Set

For $69 per month, you will now be able to rent the Pearl Decade Maple set with 830 series hardware, a Sabin XSR cymbal package (14” hi hats, 16” and 18” crashes, 20” ride), and a Pearl D930 drum throne. We’ve had many requests for drum set outfits with upgraded drum and cymbal options, and this package definitely fits the bill. Do you want to hear the Decade in action? Please check out this video (best to listen with headphones or high-quality speakers):

Adams MSPV43 Soloist Series Marimba

Adams MSPV43 Marimba

Adams Soloist Series Marimbas offer the precision construction methods and many of the great features found on the Artist and Concert series instruments, and combine them with a number of keyboards and size options ideal for beginners and schools looking for a high quality, wood bar instrument, at an extremely affordable price.
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Adams AMPD33R Academy Marimba

Adams AMPD33R Marimba

The AMPD33R 3.3 octave Academy Marimba with Resonators is designed to be an affordable option that allows the intermediate student to work on many of the pieces written for a low A marimba, all while still having the full tone and projection of a full size marimba.
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Rentals are only available for residents of Indiana. Please contact us for more information on our rental program.

Phone: 317.813.2070 or 1.877.900.DRUM (3786)

Product Spotlight: Pageantry Innovations Concert Percussion Packs

The newest product from Pageantry Innovations involves bringing their solid, innovative designs to the concert percussion setting. These new Concert Percussion Packs have been assembled as ready-to-use solutions for band, orchestra, and percussion directors. With three different set-ups, each one has been specifically designed to fulfill any concert percussion need. They all offer a a variety of tools to help with typically concert percussion set-ups so as trap-trays and crash cymbal holders. Depending on how much space you need, you can check out either the CP-10 Concert Band Pack, CP-20 Percussion Ensemble Pack or CP-30 Wind Ensemble Pack.

The CP-10 Concert Band Pack is a great starter pack for any level of percussion section and with enables programs to have a designated auxiliary percussion station.

The CP-20 Percussion Ensemble Pack is an excellent solution for large, cumbersome setups such as concert toms and multi-percussion setups.

The CP-30 Wind Ensemble Pack is designed to be the ultimate auxiliary percussion headquarters for wind band and orchestral applications

To find out more information on these great products you can check them on the Pageantry Innovations website.


Vibraphone Maintenance and Common Issues

The vibraphone is one of the most complex instruments in the percussion family due to its many moving parts to make it all work. Unfortunately, the pedal and damper mechanisms are not universal from brand to brand so you will need to give these instruments a more thorough inspection. A majority of the time issues on vibraphones are from the pedal or the damper. Beyond the basic keyboard cleaning tips mentioned you can check for the following issues:

  • Bar Cleaning: Since the vibes have metal bars cleaning them with a dry cloth first and then denatured alcohol or a multi surface cleaner such as Pledge will help remove the built up dirt and grime.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Broken or Worn String: If you notice some clanking of the bars when playing or some uneven dampening check the string to make sure it is in good condition.  It is best to change the string when you start to notice wear so it doesn’t break when you are in the middle of a performance.                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Pedal Issues: There are often three main concerns when it comes to the vibraphone pedals and they are as follows:
    • Pedal attachment loose from frame. Re-attach with new bolt and nut.
    • Upper Pull Rod gets stripped and won’t hold in place. Replace upper pull rod.
    • Bent upper pull rod that will often need to be replaced.
  • Damper Issues: The damper is the part that actually touches the keys and attaches to the pedal. In general you should look for the following issues on the damper system.
    • Missing or bent compression spring
    • Worn Damper Felt. Over time the keys will wear out the damper felt causing notes to ring when dampened.
    • Uneven dampening of bars. There could be many reasons for this such as uneven felt, uneven bar post that hold the string, or even tightness of the string.  You would likely need to have this looked at by a repair technician to fully diagnose the issue.  
  • Resonators: Take the time to clean out the resonators. Dust, dirt and other particles often collect at the bottom on these and can affect the overall sound of the keyboard.
    • First remove resonators from the keyboard and flip over and lightly tap.
    • Use a long dust brush to remove more dust.
    • On longer resonators you can carefully use a vacuum with hose attachment to help remove the lowest settled particles of dust or dirt.
  • Motor/Fan Issues:  Some common issues involved with the motor not working properly 
    • If you notice an uneven sound between the naturals and accidentals you need to check that the fans are on the same rotation.  (They should spin at the same speed and same angle throughout.  Easy to adjust)
    • Power Supply:  If you plug in and it is not working you likely will need to replace the power cord
    • Belt Issues:  Depending on the model of vibraphone there will be either one or two belts near the motor that attach to the resonators.  Over time these can wear out or snap and will need to be replaced.

With the basic information above you can at least diagnose what the issue might be and even potentially fix it yourself. If you have found the problem but are unsure how to fix it give us a call and we can either talk you through it over the phone or send our service technician out to your school to repair it for you. We can be reached at 317-813-2070 or

A New Year, A New You: Drumming and Health

With every new year comes the possibility of improvement and change in our lives such as striving to be healthier, relaxing more or do something new to learn. One of the most common New Years resolutions is to work on our health/mental health. There are many great resources that demonstrate the benefits of drumming as improving both your health and mental health. Drumming can help with things such as stress relief, mental awareness, cardio and help increase energy amongst many other benefits. Whether you are an experienced drummer or a casual drummer the benefits of playing for 20 – 30 minutes a day can improve your quality of life in many ways.

The activities involved in many types of drumming revolve around movement, so it makes sense that there would be so many benefits to taking part in this activity on a regular basis. Whether it is sitting down behind your drum set for a few hours a weeks or takin part in a group drumming session, your health will be improved. We hope everyone will take some time this year to drum a little more, focus on their heath and learn something new. Happy New Years to all and best of luck on your drumming journey this year!

Below are a few articles that detail the great health benefits of drumming:

Malletech World Vibes Congress 2021











This coming weekend Malletech is hosting a virtual clinic event known as the World Vibes Congress. There will be performances, clinics, discussions and listening sessions with some of the best vibraphonists in the world.  With names like Friedman, Locke and Harris, this one of a kind event will be on that you do not want to miss. This event is FREE to the public covers a variety of musical styles in diverse sessions that will deliver over 9 hours of streaming content!

You can find all the information for the event at the following link (including YouTube link and schedule):

In addition to this you can check out this short promo video for a sneak peek of what is to come.

Be sure to check out this great educational opportunity on January 2nd and 3rd!