Product Spotlight Posts

Marching Snare Head Feature: Remo Suede Max

We get many calls this time of year regarding snare head choices. There are many tried and true products out there, but there is one newer option that is quickly becoming the choice of marching groups everywhere: the Remo Suede Max batter head.

If you love the sound of their now-famous Black Max, but desire a softer feel, then the Suede Max is probably the head you’re looking for. Along with the softer feel, you still get the durability that you’ve come to expect with the Black Max. This drum head is available in 13” and 14”.

Give us a call if you’re ready to try these out this marching band season. We have several in stock with more on the way! For more information on this drum head, visit this link:

Product Feature: D’Addario’s Proprietary Mallet Manufacturing Improvements

We not sure if you’ve heard, but D’Addario has completely revamped its manufacturing process from the bottom up. Here’s the low down:

  • Rather than purchasing raw materials from third-party suppliers, they now using injection molds and make all cores in house.
  • They have also developed a new method to attach cores to shafts by developing a threaded insert that dramatically increased durability
    • With the new process, it requires over 200% more force to pull the core off of the shaft versus nailed construction.
  • Taking D’Addario’s proprietary string winding technology, they developed and custom built a new mallet winding machine that offers a more consistent finish and increased variability in design.
    • They can now custom tailor “wrap recipes” that are optimal for the shape and use of each mallet.
  • Diversity of Materials: With access to a vast library of materials, as well as developing an innovative new way to achieve multi-tone sounds, we are able to create mallets that can be tailored to any playing situation.
  • Quality Control + Consistency: By manufacturing all of the components in house, they’re able to apply their own quality control practices and ensure that every mallet core and shaft are made to the highest possible standards. This includes the core itself being extremely consistent in its weight and hardness from pair to pair.

These are available to order right now. Please contact us if you have any questions!

New Product Spotlight – Yamaha Tour Custom Maple

We just got back from Summer NAMM, where Yamaha reintroduced their Tour Custom Maple series, available in five satin finishes and two shell pack configurations.  This mid-level maple kit combines the projection and expressive capability of all-maple shells with the beautiful grain of US maple.


– 6-ply, 5.6mm thin all-maple shells for a warm, bright tone
– 45 degree bearing edges for tonal depth and quick response
– YESS mounts to minimize contact between the shell and mount
– Inverse (stick saver) Dyna Hoops to control the natural overtones of maple shells
– Absolute lugs

Product Spotlight: Vic Firth Roger Carter Signature Stick and Ralph Hardimon Tenor Stick with Nylon Tip

We’re excited about a couple of new products released at WGI this year by our friends at Vic Firth.

Roger Carter Signature Stick

First up is the Roger Carter Signature Snare Stick. The continuing evolution of the marching activity lead to the creation of this stick.

“Roger Carter is well known in the marching percussion activity for his dedication to excellence as well as his unique stylistic approach to rudimental drumming. Throughout his career, Roger has performed with and instructed for some of the foremost marching percussion programs in the world, including the Blue Devils, Crossmen, Madison Scouts, Broken City Indoor Percussion and the Bluecoats.”

New Items for 2017 from Meinl – Guest Blog with Adam Anderson

Hi, I’m Adam Anderson from Meinl!  Let’s talk about my favorite new items from Meinl for 2017.

The beginning of the year is always a crazy and exciting time, and this year is no different. Meinl has once again come out with close to, if not over, 200 new items for 2017 – including a new brand!

With the new items flooding into the Meinl USA warehouse in Nashville, it is a good time to make sure that you all know about some of the new items. I decided to just highlight a single item from each catalog, to keep things easier for you all.