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Indiana Percussion Association Clinic Day 2016


The 2016 IPA Clinic Day will feature artists with various percussive specialities. All students, directors, and educators will be able to choose between clinics and masterclasses throughout the day. They have also opened up one of the only wind clinics and cymbal clinics thanks to the X Academy and Seavine. The 2016 clinic day will truly have something for everyone! Any further questions can be directed to:

Please note that the cymbal and winds clinics are more expensive than the percussion clinics. There are more items given in these clinics and will be geared more in a teaching masterclass setting. Please plan to bring and instrument for these.


BYOS will be back again this year with a hands on masterclass in how to perform many of their stick tricks. They will be debuting their ABC’s of stick tricks that explores a new musical language in which each student is challenged to learn in order to communicate new ideas with one another. BYOS will also be giving a group clinic at the end of the day with Amir on drumset and quads.

Katarzyna Mycka Masterclass & Concert at Lawrence Central High School

Katarzyna Mycka marimba quartet

International marimba virtuoso Katarzyna Mycka will present a master class next Tuesday, November 8th at 7pm in the Lawrence Central Auditorium. The master class will be followed by a concert of her marimba quartet from 8-9pm. Admission is for both events is $10 at the door.

About The Performers:

Critics have given the internationally renowned marimba virtuoso and chamber musician Katarzyna Mycka the sobriquet “she who dances with the mallets”: “the greatest fluidity”, “perfect mallet technique,” and a “marvelous, rhythmic precision” are characteristic for the musician, who is able to simultaneously produce up to six tones on her concert marimba with the sixty narrow wooden bars and resonance pipes.

After receiving training in piano and drums, the artist born in 1972 discovered the marimba as her “ideal medium for musical expression” while studying at music academies in Gdansk, Stuttgart, and Salzburg. Numerous prizes and awards at international music competitions then followed: in 1995, first prize and audience prize at the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg for Marimba Solo, one year later first place at the First World Marimba Competition Stuttgart. Then followed stipends and invitations to master courses in the United States, Asia, and various European countries, through which the young musician soon developed a network in the music scene.

Audition Alert! – Indiana All-State Percussion Ensemble

Deadline: October 15, 2016

Directors – We want to make sure you’re aware of this great opportunity for your most outstanding young percussionists. The experience of being involved in the All-State Percussion Ensemble is very rewarding in itself, but also comes with the added bonus of working with world-class performer, educator and featured guest, Casey Cangelosi.  Here are details for the audition process and performance at IMEA, along with information on Casey Cangelosi.  Please share this with any outstanding high school percussionist that may be interested in this fantastic opportunity.


2017 Indiana All-State Percussion Ensemble

Performance Information
Grand Wayne Convention Center, Fort Wayne
January 12-14, 2017
Featured Clinician: Casey Cangelosi
IMEA, in partnership with the Percussive Arts Society and Indiana Percussion Association is pleased to present this fantastic opportunity for your percussion students!
Participating students will have the opportunity to explore different genres of percussion ensemble music led by regional clinicians and featured guest Casey Cangelosi.
Activities will begin on Thursday, January 12 at 1:00 PM and conclude on Saturday, January 14 by 5:00 PM
Audition Information
Eligibility: Students in Grades 9-12 residing in Indiana or neighboring states are eligible to apply.
Application materials: Available at the following website

Audition Requirements:
Applicants will make use of the online interface to submit audio or video recordings of 1-2 minute excepts from at least 2 of the following categories:

  • Snare
  • Four mallet keyboard percussion
  • Two-mallet keyboard percussion
  • Drum Set / Multiple Percussion
  • Timpani

1. Submit recordings that showcase your strengths in the given category.
2. Use excerpts of pieces on the ISSMA Group I Solo list (or similar works) if possible.
3. Individual selections should NOT be edited or spliced, but rather performed continuously. Adjudicators are more interested in hearing an honest performance than a flawless one.
4. Attention should be given to the quality of the recording. Soloists should be more prominent than the accompaniment (if used), and the site of the recording should be as soundproof as possible.
5. Applicants are encourage to have their instructors and/or directors review their recordings before submission.
Additional information:
1.  Acceptd LLC will be administering the online application. The final step of the application includes a $20 application fee, paid by credit or debit card. IMEA will not receive this money.
2.  Once your application has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and receipt.
3.  Evaluation proceedings are confidential and final.
4.  Alternates will be selected and used to fill positions as needed.
5.  Application Period: June 21, 2016 – October 15, 2016.
Questions should be directed to Dr. Marc Wooldridge / Indiana All-State Percussion Ensemble Chair / / (765) 677-2038


More information on Casey Cangelosi:

casey cangelosiPercussionist and Composer, Casey Cangelosi is the Director of Percussion Studies at James Madison University. He is  commonly hosted world-wide by educational institutions, music festivals, and educational seminars.  Casey has been a visiting guest artist in Italy, Germany, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Croatia, Sweden, Taiwan,  and widely across the U.S. at events including the The Midwest Clinic and PASIC Showcase Concerts. Casey is a regularly commissioned composer and from the percussion community called the  “Paganini of Percussion”  and  “The voice of a new generation”.

Casey is sponsored by Majestic, Mapex, Innovative Percussion, Zildjian, Grover Pro Percussion, Remo, and Beiner Bags.

Why Attend A Clinic


Why should I attend a clinic?  What’s the point when I can watch everything on YouTube?
We’ve discussed this topic quite a bit over the years here at Chops, but not because we don’t see the value in attending a clinic.  We’ve discussed it because we feel there are many reasons why people SHOULD attend clinics.  We remember when we were kids, before so much media was available at your fingertips online.  Music stores hosted clinics quite frequently, and were packed, sometimes needing to host them in a local school auditorium, gym, or ballroom at a local hotel!  That was also when there wasn’t the assistance of easy online promotion.  It was much more difficult to get the word out. Now, it’s very easy to promote clinics through many different avenues and notify many more people.  But, it seems less and less attend clinics and many music stores abandoned them long ago because of low turnout.  So, besides the obvious reason that music is better experienced live than on video, here’s a list of reasons of why clinics are worth attending.

  1. Education – You could learn a lot.  There’s a lot of information shared at clinics.  You might be able to see someone play drums online, but you don’t get to hear the explanations of how and why they do what they do.
  2. Clinician Interaction – There’s always an opportunity to ask questions.  You might want to ask about a certain groove from a recording and how they came up with it.  You might even ask about tuning, warmups, etc.  There’s usually time after the clinic to allow you the opportunity to meet them, get a picture, and ask any other questions you might have.
  3. Peer Interaction – Clinic attendees have a common interest and it’s a great opportunity to meet and talk to others who enjoy music the same as you do!
  4. Inspiration – This is the most important.  Live performances, whether it be a clinic or a concert, can inspire you.  We were all inspired at one point to start learning the instruments we play.  Listening and watching great musicians play music at the highest level inspires us to keep playing, and maybe try new things.  I remember that feeling when I was younger, attending a clinic or concert and wanting to run straight home and play my drums.  I feel EXACTLY that same feeling to this day.

This cannot happen on YouTube.  You have to be there live to feel it.  We have Todd Sucherman in clinic here at Chops Percussion this Thursday, May 26th.  I can’t wait to learn some new tricks, talk to some drumming peers, and feel that renewed inspiration all over again.  Attend a clinic so you can learn, interact and be inspired.  You won’t regret it.

Todd Sucherman Drum Set Clinic – May 26th at Chops

We’re really excited to have Todd Sucherman back to do a clinic at Chops Percussion on Thursday, May 26th at 6:30pm. The last time he was here was December of 2011. If you were’t here then, be sure not to miss him this time around. Todd’s clinic was one of my favorite clinics that we’ve hosted here at Chops. Not only is he a master of technique with monster chops, but he’s extremely musical in his approach to the drums. The feel that he had on every thing I heard him play that night was spot on and I can’t wait to hear him again!

The picture below shows the kit that he used in 2011 in the store. Be sure to ask Jeff Huffman about the snare drum in this picture.


Contrast that with the video below of the kit he’s currently using on the Styx tour.  Todd personally gives you a tour in the video below.

This is another thing that I appreciated about Todd. He’s a huge (and I mean this in the most honorable sense of the term) drum nerd when it comes to gear. His kit has a lot going on, but because of his musical approach, none of it is wasted or for show. There’s intentionality with everything that he’s selected to make up his “instrument.”

Check out his YouTube channel or his Facebook page and watch the most recent videos he’s made of some recording that he’s been doing.  This is just a taste of what you’ll see live.

Do yourself a favor and show up to the clinic on May 26th.  It’s free and you’ll learn a ton from this incredible musician.