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“Sounds Like A Drum” YouTube Channel Is A Drummer’s New Best Friend

Do you have trouble tuning your rack toms? Does your snare sound bother you to no end? Would you like to know how to get more low end out of your kick drum? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of those questions, you need to be checking out “Sounds Like A Drum” on YouTube. You can find that channel here.

I find myself watching a video from them daily. I’ve played and messed with drums my entire adult life and then some, but I don’t pretend to know everything. When I’m struggling with snare tuning or I’m looking to make my floor tom growl a little more, the “Sounds Like A Drum” channel is the first place I go.

Here’s how Cody and Ben describe the mission of SLAD: “An ongoing video series for drummers, audio engineers, and anyone who is responsible for achieving great drum sounds at the source. Sounds Like a Drum offers in-depth tutorials on tuning in ways most have never learned, tips and tricks for a memorable sound, and hacks that you might never have thought of.”

This channel really is a great resource, and I would suggest subscribing and watching daily. You never know what trick you’ll pick up next!

IPA Plainfield and Perry Meridian Contest Results

If you were not able to make it to either IPA contest last weekend or you’re not aware of how things played out, visit and check out the scores from this past weekend. The season is quickly coming to a close and things are starting to take shape.

This weekend’s contests will be at Pendleton Heights High School and New Palestine High School. This is prelims week for Class B and the Winds groups, so everyone in those classes will be looking to have their best show of the season. Best of luck to all groups!

The WGI Indianapolis Regional will also be taking place this weekend at Franklin Central High School. This is a Saturday/Sunday event. Information for this contest can be found here.

IPA Greenfield-Central Contest Results

You can find the results from this past weekend’s IPA contest at Congratulations to all the groups that competed at the show. The Plainfield and Perry Meridian contests are next up on the schedule. Best of luck to everyone on March 7th!

Veritas 2020 Pearl/Adams Sale List – Reserve Now

This gear is going fast. Take a look at what’s left and see if there is something that suits your program’s needs.

All gear will be available after the final 2020 performance by Veritas at the WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. You can drive a trailer over to pick your instruments up, or we can make arrangements with you to deliver your order after WGI.

To check out the list of available gear, please click here.

Take Your Drumming to the Next Level with the NEW Pearl Decade Maple Rental Package

For several years now, we have offered a drum set rental package that included the Pearl Export EXX, Meinl HCS cymbals, and Pearl D790 throne. While the Export EXX pack is still available, we are excited to announce that we’re adding something new to our drum set rental offering.

For $69 per month, you will now be able to rent the Pearl Decade Maple set (Black Ice finish only) with 830 series hardware, a Sabin XSR cymbal package (14” hi hats, 16” and 18” crashes, 20” ride), and a Pearl D930 drum throne. We’ve had many requests for drum set outfits with upgraded drum and cymbal options, and this package definitely fits the bill. Do you want to hear the Decade in action? Please check out this video (best to listen with headphones or high-quality speakers):

To learn more about Sabian XSR cymbals, check out this video:

If you are a drummer, or have an aspiring drummer at home looking for an equipment upgrade, we hope you’ll consider the new Decade Maple package from Chops Percussion. Please feel free to call 877-900-DRUM or email sales@chopspercussion.comfor more details on our rent-to-buy program.