July 2018 Posts

2018 DCI World Championships


Below is an article that we shared last year for DCI World Championships happening next week. We’ve updated it for 2018!

Welcome back to the Chops blog.  We’re busy gearing up for the Drum Corps International (DCI) World Championships, held right here next week in Indianapolis!  It takes place at Lucas Oil Stadium and surrounding areas.  The competition inside Lucas Oil stadium isn’t the only thing to see.  There are many events throughout the week, most of which are free and open to the public!

Here’s our basic guide to help you take in some of the action.

Proper Nutrition and Hydration is a Must for Marching Band

nutirtionWhen it comes to marching band, we tend to spend a lot of time thinking only about the notes being played or the steps being taken. There isn’t always enough thought placed on how to keep performers well-nourished and hydrated for maximum performance. Marching band, like any other sport, counts on members to be healthy in order to be successful. Make sure you (the director, parent, and student) are doing your part to keep yourself and everyone else on the field!

Here is an article from July 11, 2014 that was found at halftimemag.com. You’ll find that many of today’s top drum corps and marching bands put a lot of emphasis on proper nutrition and hydration. If you’re in marching band, you are an athlete; it’s time to treat your body as such! http://www.halftimemag.com/features/fueling-your-body.html

Chops Percussion is Hiring!

Chops Percussion

If fixing percussion instruments and working in a drum shop part-time are your thing, then you may be the person we want to talk to! Chops Percussion is currently seeking a qualified person to work part-time on our sales team and part-time in percussion repair.

You can check out the job posting here at this link: https://www.paigesmusic.com/paiges/run?id=6&_jlid=4797&lvid=557

This posting expires next Monday, July 23rd. If you think you are the right person for this job, please follow the application instructions located in the posting and I will personally make contact with you. All the info you should need is there, but if there are additional questions, please feel free to email me at derek@chopspercussion.com

Thanks in advance for your interest!

July 2018 News at Chops

Demo Gear Updates

The demo list has some fresh updates for the month of July. Follow the link below to see what’s been added and removed since June.

[View List]

Student Equipment Lists

We send this request out each year and heard back from many of you. We’re asking again this year just in case you’ve made changes to your list of required items for 2018.

For parents with kids in band for the first time, back to school can be quite confusing (especially with a young percussionist at home). Do you, the teacher, have a required list of sticks and mallets for your percussionists to get? We would love to have an updated copy of that here at Chops. A list of all of your required implements would be a huge help to us and would ensure that your student gets exactly what they need before their first day of band class.

This also helps us with keeping your required implements in stock, so that no child is waiting on sticks or mallets when school starts. I know it’s hard to believe, but the first day of school isn’t that far away. Let’s work together and make sure your student is 100% prepared before they walk into your band room.

Please e-mail your list to chops@chopspercussion.com and we’ll do our very best to make sure we have what your student needs in stock. Thanks for the help and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Product Spotlight: Yamaha YVRD2700GC

Are you in the market for a new vibraphone? Would you like it for marching band season? Would you like it ASAP? If the answer is “yes” to those questions, we’ve got you covered with a great deal on a Yamaha YVRD2700GC that was used at the MFA Concert Band Festival. You can learn more about the instrument on the product page. The price is over on the demo list.

The End Of An Era at Chops Percussion

On May 30, 2006, Jeff Huffman and I began our journey here at Chops Percussion. We had taught together before that and we had been roommates a couple of different times, so the two of us teaming up together to start Chops made perfect sense. For 12+ years now, the team known simply as “Jeff and Derek” have held down the fort here at Chops, which is what makes this blog so difficult to write.

Made official as of this past Tuesday, Jeff will no longer be with Chops Percussion. He is moving on to a job with Hoshino USA, to help grow the Tama Marching Percussion line of instruments. Jeff is perfect for this position when you consider not only his dealer experience, but also his 6+ years of experience with the Tama product while leading Avon HS to multiple IPA State Championships and WGI PSW Finals appearances. Hoshino is very lucky to have him, and we are very sad to see him go. I can assure you of this: no one is sadder about this than I am, but I know Jeff will be great at his new gig and Tama will be a stronger brand because of him. His last day at Chops Percussion is this Friday, July 6.

Our customers can rest assured that Chops will continue to offer the same great products, high-level service, and product knowledge you have come to expect these last 12 years. I know many of you reading have worked closely with Jeff over this time, so please join me in congratulating him on a job well done here and wishing him well in his new endeavor. If you wish to say something to him on our Facebook page or your personal Facebook page, please use the hashtag “ThanksJeff”. Feel free to use that hashtag on other social media sites as well.

Chops will not be the same without you, my friend. I wish you the very best in this new job and look forward to your visits as our new Tama Marching Percussion rep!