March 2016 Posts

Quick Tips for Indoor Drumline – Warming Up Outside

This weekend is the first contest in the history of the IPA (Indiana Percussion Association) that requires an outside warm-up. Those groups who have performed in Dayton for WGI Championships or participate in circuits in warmer regions of the country know this is a normal process. The outside extended warm-up can be very beneficial to preparing for the large arena environment. But for those who have not gone through that process before, here are some tips to make sure the experience is smooth and beneficial for everyone.


  • KEEP A VERY CLOSE EYE ON THE WEATHER. Be prepared for cold, rain, wind and heat.
  • Take jackets and coats to warm-up. Have a parent push around a large plastic trash can for the kids to ditch their jackets as they enter the arena. They might not need them, but it’s better to be prepared. Standing in a parking lot freezing before your final performance isn’t going to help you have a relaxed, confident performance.
  • Be prepared to change on the bus. If you aren’t showing up in uniform, don’t plan to go inside to change. This may be a possibility, but it is usually much easier and quicker to take turns changing on the bus.
  • Have plenty of plastic tarps. We all hope for perfect weather conditions on contest days, especially when the warm-up is outside, but that isn’t always the case and its best to prepare for inclement weather. Don’t just bring a couple huge tarps to park the equipment under. Bring smaller tarps that can stay over the electronics carts while rolling from warm-up to the arena.
  • Have plenty of bungee cords. You’ll need those tarps strapped down if it’s windy!
  • If it’ll be sunny and warm, make sure to bring water. An hour in the sun, on asphalt, can wear the students down quickly.
  • If having your electronics on during warm-up is important to you, TAKE A GENERATOR. There might be power available in the warm-up lot, but don’t plan for it.
  • Keep electronics dry at all costs!
  • Be aware of the Inclement Weather/Tent Schedule and use your time in the tent if you have any concerns about the weather. This includes very cold and/or windy conditions.
  • Finally, directors and staff – Since this is the first time for everyone at this venue, get there early and take the time to walk the flow in and out of the arena so you’re familiar with it. Also, allow enough time for your student performers to go in and watch a couple groups so they can get the feel for the arena, along with the on and off the floor flow.


Good luck to everyone performing in the IPA State Championships this weekend!

How Do I Order Supplies And Have Them Delivered To My School? – FAQs

Another frequently asked question is – How do I order supplies and have them sent to my school?

We have 2 options and neither one requires you to visit our store.

1. Call the store at 1.877.900.3786. We will take your order, ask for your school, student name, and payment information. Then the order will be delivered by the Paige’s Music District Managers on their next weekly visit to your school.

2. Order online. Browse our online store and add your items to your cart. Our website uses SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption to allow you to shop our site with confidence. And, we go through a site vulnerability scan several times a year which is verified by SecurityMetrics.

When you’re ready to checkout, sign in with the username and password that we sent to you when you first signed up for a rental instrument.

Note: If you have a rental instrument from Paige’s Music already, please use the username and password that was automatically generated for you by their system. They provided those credentials to you in a letter just after you recieved your instrument. If you have discarded or misplaced that information, please call them at 1-800-382-1099 and they’ll help you get signed in.

If you didn’t rent an instrument from them, go ahead and sign up for a new account.

During checkout make sure to choose “Delivery to Account School – Free” to make sure the Paige’s District Manager will deliver your order for no charge.


Next, enter your payment details.


Finally, review your order. Note that the next delivery day for your student’s school will be noted under “Shipping Information.”


Click the “FINISH” button to finalize your order.

If you have any questions or experience any problems along the way, please contact us at


March 2016 News at Chops

If you aren’t signed up for our Chops Transmission emails, you may be missing out on the most update happenings around the store. Below is the March edition of the transmission. If you don’t receive our emails, you can sign up here!

Visit Us At IPA State Prelims and State Finals!

Visit us at IPA State Prelims & State Finals

Indoor Percussion season is in full swing and we’re proud to once again be the Presenting Sponsor for the Indiana Percussion Association. This weekend starts the march to state finals, with State Prelims and Divisional Finals at Avon High School and Decatur Central High School. Check out the schedules at the links above.

An exciting change this year is the move of IPA State Championships to the Hulman Center, on the campus of Indiana State University in Terre Haute. Once this weekend’s preliminary events are complete, the State Finals schedule will be available here.

We’ll be running a booth at state prelims (Avon site) and state finals, so if you’re attending either of these, make sure to stop by and say hi! We’ll have lots of sticks, practice pads, mallets, stick bags, t-shirts, and many other items to choose from. It would be a great time to try out all the different sticks and pads and take something home!

If you go to any shows, let us know what you think on our Facebook page! If you wear a Chops Percussion shirt, make sure to post a pic to our Facebook or Twitter page!

For more information on events, schedules, venues, ticket sales and more, visit the Indiana Percussion Association (IPA) website.

Demo Gear/Clearance Items

Demo Gear at Chops Percusssion

Our demo list has been updated. follow the link below to view what’s been added!

View the list on our website.

Chops Closed for State Prelims & State Finals

Chops closed on 3/19/16 & 4/2/16

Due to our heavy involvement with the Indiana Percussion Association we will be closed on Saturday, March March 19, 2016 to support them at their State Prelims competition. We will also be closed for IPA State Finals on Saturday, April 2, 2016.

We will resume regular hours on Monday, April 4th. Thank you for your understanding!.

March Drummer Birthdays

Zildjian demo cymbals from Midwest

Do you have a birthday in March? Follow this link to see which famous drummers share your birthday month.

The Music For All National Festival Is This Week In Indianapolis

Music For All National Festival
March 10-12, 2016
Indianapolis, IN

There’s a fantastic opportunity to hear some great concert bands and percussion ensembles from all over the country this week, but we find many people don’t even know its happening right here in our backyard!  It’s the Music For All National Festival, featuring high school percussion ensembles, concert bands and orchestras from across the US.  The festival also includes a middle school concert band festival, along with Honor Ensembles for concert band, jazz band, and orchestra.  This is a non-competitive festival, meaning its all about just creating and listening to great music, created by some of the best high school and middle school music programs in the nation.

Here’s a general schedule for the event:

Thursday, March 10
National Concert Band Festival 5:00pm-9:00pm
Friday, March 11
National Concert Band Festival 8:00am-6:00pm
National Percussion Festival 9:00am-5:30pm
Chamber Music National Festival 9:00am-3:30pm
Honor Orchestra with the ISO 7:00pm (Hilbert Circle Theatre)
Honor Jazz Band of America 8:30pm (Clowes Hall)
Saturday, March 12
National Concert Band Festival 8:00am-2:00pm
National Percussion Festival 8:30am-12:30pm
Middle School Concert Band Festival 8:30am-12:30pm
Honor Orchestra of America 8:00pm (Hilbert Circle Theatre)
Honor Band of America 8:00pm (Clowes Hall)

If you’re taking in some of the festival, be sure to support our Indiana ensembles performing at the times and locations below:

Carmel High School Wind Symphony – Michael Pote, Director
Friday, March 11
Clowes Memorial Hall, Butler University

Franklin Central High School Wind Ensemble – Audrey Torres, Director
Friday, March 11
Schrott Center for the Performing Arts, Butler University

For full details and ticket info, visit the Music for All National Festival website.

What Mallets Does My Student Need – Advanced? – FAQs

Welcome back to the Chops blog series on mallet FAQs (frequently asked questions). Late last year we addressed the mallet needs of the beginning and intermediate band and orchestra student. Today we’re going to discuss the needs of the advanced student.

As an intermediate student reaches their senior year of high school, they should own mallets for marimba, vibraphone, timpani, and various accessory instruments. As they continue to progress, and eventually approach an advanced level, it is critical they have a wide variety of mallets available for those instruments.

As we’ve discussed many times before, mallet preference is dependent on the individual percussionist. As an intermediate student gains experience they will develop their own preference for brands and models. The following recommendations, therefore, are general.

For the glockenspiel (bells) and xylophone, the advanced student should at least have a hard and soft mallet choice. Plastic is the most common material for these mallets but other choices such as hard rubber or wood or hard rubber exist. For the glockenspiel, a metal mallet, either brass or aluminum is occasionally needed for the most bright and piercing situations.

For the marimba, vibraphone, and timpani the advanced student should own a set of mallets in varying hardness, from very soft to very hard. The brand and models do not need to be consistent across the set, but should represent a wide variety of choices. Advanced students literature will commonly hold different mallet styles while performing modern four mallet marimba literature.

Finally, for accessory instruments, the advanced student should consider owning mallets for bass drum and gong. A medium, general purpose mallet for each instrument will generally suffice. For concert bass drum, a pair of smaller, “rolling” mallets is useful. Other implements, such as brushes, rods or rutes, and a set of triangle beaters are also needed.

With a large variety of mallets available, the advanced student can perform well in any situation. If you, or your student are considering studying music, or performing after high school, it’s time to expand your mallet collection. Contact us for guidance, or to purchase mallets.

Until next time, go practice!