February 2016 Posts

2016 Indoor Percussion Season Preview

Welcome back to the Chops blog.  Indoor Percussion season is already underway, and we’re proud to once again be the presenting sponsor for the Indiana Percussion Association!  Indoor Percussion continues to grow in popularity within the state and across the country.  We’re lucky to have one of the best and largest indoor percussion circuits in the country, and we’re proud to support the efforts of IPA and all of the participating groups.

Along with local IPA contests, there’s also a national WGI regional, hosted by Franklin Central, where you can see performances by ensembles from all over the Midwest.

Here’s a schedule of remaining contests to help you find a show near you!

February 27 IPA Invitational at Pendleton Heights HS
February 27 IPA Invitational at Owen Valley HS
March 5 IPA Invitational at Greenfield-Central HS
March 5-6 WGI Regional at Franklin Central HS
March 12 IPA Invitational at Ben Davis HS
March 12 IPA Invitational at New Palestine HS
March 19 IPA State Prelims/Divisional Finals at Avon HS and Decatur Central HS
April 2 IPA State Finals at Hulman Center, Indiana State University
April 9 WGI Preview Show at Center Grove HS (for groups going to WGI World Championships)


Come visit us at IPA State Prelims and State Finals!

We’ll be running a booth at state prelims (Avon site) and state finals, so if you’re attending either of these, make sure to stop by and say hi!  We’ll have of sticks, practice pads, mallets, stick bags, t-shirts, and many other items to choose from.  It would be a great time to try out all the different sticks and pads and take something home!

If you go to any shows, let us know what you think on our Facebook page! If you wear a Chops Percussion shirt, make sure to post a pic to our Facebook or Twitter page!

For more information on events, schedules, venues, ticket sales and more, visit the following:
Indiana Percussion Association (IPA)
Winter Guard International (WGI)

February News at Chops

If you aren’t signed up for our Chops Transmission emails, you may be missing out on the most update happenings around the store. Below is the February edition of the transmission. If you don’t receive our emails, you can sign up here!

Futureman & Jeff Coffin Clinic at Fishers High School

Futureman (Roy Wooten) and Jeff Coffin Clinic at Fishers High School on February 23, 2016 at 4:30pm.

The 5x Grammy Award Winning Drummer of Bela Fleck & the Flecktones and The Black Mozart Ensemble, Futureman (Roy Wooten), will be giving an instructional clinic with Jeff Coffin. Jeff Coffin also plays with Bela Fleck as well as the Dave Matthews Band!

The clinic is taking place at Fishers High School on Tuesday, February 23rd at 4:30pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to check out two great musicians!

View the flyer here.

Demo Gear/Clearance Items

Demo Gear at Chops Percusssion

Our demo list has been updated. follow the link below to view what’s been added!

View the list on our website.

Zildjian Demo Cymbals from Midwest Clinic

Zildjian demo cymbals from Midwest

We’ve partnered with Zildjian at this year’s Midwest Clinic to bring you some great prices on the cymbals that were on display in Chicago in December. Visit the link below to view the list of cymbals that are still available.

Visit the list on our website.

Danny Carey’s solo on ‘Forty Six & 2’

Welcome back to the Chops Blog! Here at Chops we love a good drum solo, and today we’re going to take a closer look at a classic.

In 1996 Tool released their classic album Aenima. The aggressive and conceptually innovative music was the perfect showcase for drummer Danny Carey. His powerful, but cerebral drumming helped him quickly become one of the most respected drummers to emerge in the 1990s.


One of the radio signals from the album was the brooding “Forty Six & 2”. In the bridge, which is primarily in seven, Carey plays a powerful solo. It is a perfect showcase of his and his bandmate’s rhythmic prowess. Check out the pdf HERE , and listen to the solo with the tempo reduced by one third HERE.

Take time to study the music, and listen to the reduced version many times. Then practice the solo by breaking it down into small pieces. After you are comfortable performing it slowly, gradually speed it up until you can perform it at the original tempo.

Get to work, it isn’t easy!

Protect Your Ears This Indoor Season

Note: We posted this about this time last year, but thought it was important enough to bring up again.  Make sure you’re protecting your ears whenever you play music live, and that goes double for indoor season.

Have you ever gone to bed at night after your indoor percussion rehearsal and had an incessant ringing in your ears? If you have, that is your body telling you that you’ve done some damage to your hearing. Please know that hearing loss is irreversible, so you need to start protecting your ears NOW! How, you ask? There are a couple of great ways to do so.

  • Earplugs – These should be essential to your playing and performing. Many of the percussion instruments used in an indoor show are played at a high volume for long periods of time, so you need to be protecting your ears. Do yourself a favor and start using earplugs now. Tell yourself that ear protection is just as essential as the sticks and mallets you use to play. If you’re a cymbal player and execute many loud crashes at ear level, this advice applies to you as well.
  • Headphones – Not so great if you’re trying to make a fashion statement while playing, but hearing is way more important than looking cool! These are great if you have hypersensitive ears and they allow you to hear the music you’re playing while cutting out all of the dangerous frequencies. A great option if earplugs are uncomfortable for you to wear.


A gym is a very tough listening environment for percussionists, so hearing protection not only safeguards your hearing, but it may allow you to hear more of what you need (the music that you and your group perform) and less of what you don’t (the unwanted high frequencies associated with loud music).

You can buy your earplugs here: https://www.chopspercussion.com/run?id=8
Feel free to e-mail us at chops@chopspercussion.com or call 877-900-DRUM if you have more specific questions regarding hearing protection.

You only get one good set of ears in your life, so take care of them!!!

Not on our e-mail list? Sign up here: https://www.chopspercussion.com/transmission/