Musser Xylo Kit Assembly

Welcome back to the Chops blog! Now that school is starting (in some form) and kids are getting their instruments, there are instrument assembly questions that need to be addressed. The Musser Xylo kit seems to be the one that people have the most questions about, so we’re sharing an assembly video from Jim Catalano to help you out!

If you have any additional questions after the video, please feel free to call or email us!

Yamaha Releases Drum and Percussion Disinfection Guide

If you are one of the teachers or instructors still looking for ways to safely and effectively disinfect your drums and percussion instruments, Yamaha has put out a very helpful guide that you should check out. This guide details what disinfecting agents can be used on specific percussion instruments, which I know has raised a lot of questions in the percussion community as of late. You can find that information here.

Yamaha has all the other instruments covered as well, so be sure to check that out here.

Chops hopes that this finds you all well and staying safe. Best of luck to all of you as you try to bring school music back in the safest and most effective ways possible.

A Broken Drumstick May Not Be Trash After All

A friend sent me this cool video from Drumeo last week, so I wanted to share it with all of you. It turns out there are several creative things you can do with your broken drumsticks (and even the sleeves they’re sold in!)

Most of these involve power tools, so if you don’t have experience using them, you may not want to try this. Drumeo says it best in their video when they say “power tools are dangerous. Be smart.”

If you’re adventurous enough to try one of these ideas, share it with us on Instagram or Facebook! If you don’t follow us, we’re easy to find!

You can view the Drumeo video here. Have fun!

Remo Marching/Concert Drum Head Sale Starts July 27th

Now that everyone is trying to get marching band up and running, the staff at Chops figured we could do our part to help you out! From July 27th until August 31st, you can save money on your Remo marching and concert head order. Here’s how it will break down:

Save 3% on orders up to $499
Save 7% on orders from $500 to $999
Save 10% on orders from $1,000 to $1,499
Save 15% on orders from $1,500 and above

Please email your orders for this sale to This sale is good for in stock Remo marching and concert drum heads only, and this discount does NOT apply to World Percussion heads or instruments. Please feel free to email the sales address mentioned previously, or call 317-813-2070 if you have any questions or need to place your order over the phone. Thanks for supporting Chops Percussion and best of luck with the upcoming season!

*Qualifying artist orders are not eligible for extra discounts

PAS Issues Guidance On Managing COVID-19 Within Your Percussion Section

I hope this finds you all doing well!

If you’re a teacher or a percussion instructor, odds are you have been thinking a lot about the upcoming school and marching season. There are still tons of unanswered questions out there, so the Percussive Arts Society came up with a guide to help you navigate the tough road ahead.

This guide is the most thorough I have seen with regards to sanitizing gear, rehearsal protocol, and curricular recommendations. It is definitely worth a few minutes of your time. Many of the items listed in the guide are things you all will face, so I hope that this serves to answer some questions or give you some fresh ideas.

You can find the guide here: